Zhu Zhu Pizza Shop
Zhu zhu pizza shop
Released 2010

"ZhuZhu Pets™ using their amazing “Pet Power” to “bake” pizzas in the light-up oven while conveyor belt loads pizzas into the hamcyle sidecar. Then, turn the lever and Chef becomes Delivery Driver-Zhu-ooming off to deliver piping “hot” pizzas to hamster town!"

The Zhu Zhu Pizza Shop is a Zhu Zhu Pets add-on room.



Included in the box is the Pizza Shop, the shop gate, a sign, a tunnel with top, 2 U-connectors, 1 ramp U-connector, a delivery motorcycle w/sidecar, and 4 plastic pizza boxes.

Firstly, attach a U-connector to each end of the tunnel. (if the Pizza Shop is being used standalone, a ramp U-connector can be attached to the end facing away from the pizzeria) Then, attach the shop gate to the tunnel via the U-connector. (make sure the "TO PIZZERIA" arrow on the bottom is facing the gate) Connect the Pizza Shop to the gate by matching the posts on the gate with their respective holes on the shop. Press the gate snug against the shop. Push the Zhu Zhu Pizza sign into the hole on the roof of the Pizza Shop. Then, hinge in the top of the tunnel by pressing the hinges into their holes, then close the tunnel top. Finally, place the delivery motorcycle at the end of the shop gate tunnel. The wheels should be resting in the notches on the end of the tunnel.

How to playEdit

To start playing, first the user loads a pizza box into the "Pizza Box Recycle Drop-Off" slot on the back of the Pizza Shop. The user then has a hamster make its way to the Pizza Shop. It will quickly run through the tunnel and read the code. As it approaches, turn the orange lever on the side of the gate to the left to raise the gate. This will turn the oven light on, and the pet will stop and use "Hamster Power" to move the conveyor belt while singing a song or playing music. As the conveyor belt moves, the user can add more pizza boxes through the slot. The pizza boxes will move along the conveyor belt and fall into the sidecar of the delivery motorcycle. When all the pizza boxes have been loaded into the sidecar, the player can lift the gate down. The hamster will make its way to the delivery motorcycle and drive away, off to deliver pizzas.

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