81451 Luna from 81090-R1
Gender Female
Type of Animal Octopus
Birthmark Luna
Birthday May 7
Series Second
Luna is a Zhu Zhu baby. She is part of the second season of babies.



Luna is a world famous seashell collector! She has swam the depths of the ocean, facing the most dangerous creatures known to ZhuZhu™ kind in order to build her famous collection. She is currently on a mission to find the rare Zhu Conch Shell.


Luna is a pink octopus. She has a sharp white tooth sticking out of her mouth and a diaper which houses her birthmark. She also comes with a stroller and a bottle of baby powder.


  • In the Zhu Zhu Babies video game, her name is misspelled "Luana". It is even pronounced wrong, as when she is tapped, her name is pronounced "Luana".

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