The game's title screen.

Forget Me Not is a game on the Zhu Zhu Pets website,


The game is a basic card memory game, where one flips cards and tries to match all of them. In Forget Me Not, there are three levels of difficulty; Easy, Medium, and Hard. Easy difficulty gives the player 12 cards to match, medium difficulty has 20 cards, and hard difficulty has 30 cards. After the player chooses a difficulty level, the game will start. On the side, there is a "Tries" counter that shows how many tries the player has made to match the cards, and a "Score" counter to show the player's score (every match is 100 points). The player must click a card to flip it over, then click another card to see if it matches. If both cards match, they will disappear. If the cards are different, they will flip back over. To win, the player must match all of the cards.

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