81090-R4 Binkie
Gender Male
Type of Animal Octopus
Birthmark Binkie birthmark
Birthday January 10
Series Second

Binkie is a Zhu Zhu baby. He is part of the second season of babies.



Having an extra eight tentacles becomes pretty handy when you're a painter. With 8 paintbrushes in his grasp, he can complete an entire mural in less than a minute. His most famous work is of the "Great ZhuZhu™ Seahorse," which won him a trophy!


Binkie is a small purple baby octopus. He has 8 purple tentacles around his body. The bottom sides of the tentacles are pink, while the top sides are purple. Binkie also has black eyes, a sharp white tooth sticking out of his mouth, and a white diaper which houses his birthmark.

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