This article is about the Zhu-Fari pet. For the baby, see Baako (baby).

Baako (Zhu-Fari)
Gender Male
Type of Animal Zebra
Birthmark Baako-Zhufari-Birthmarks
Birthday July 5
Series First

Baako is a Zhu-Fari pet.



Born in the jungle, Baako is quite the explorer. He loves to run wild along the plains with his mane flowing in the wind. Brash and daring, he remains fearless in the face of danger, including storm clouds, which is why one is his symbol!


Baako is a zebra with black and white stripes all over his body. He has white cheeks and a black nose. He also has long black hair on his head, similar to a Rockstar Zhu Zhu Pets, and long black hair for a tail.

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